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Why Is Music Important?

Why music is important in our life? Have you ever thought well your life without music? Was it like would it impact your life drastically if music never existed? Music has been around since the beginning of human existence. our early ancestors around the world creating music for spiritual and tribal reasons.

How Music Can Heal The Patients

Today around the world music is used for different reasons, there have been new medical researches on how music can heal the patients with many benefits, music has different sound across the globe because all the different cultures planted.

 A Movie would not be the same without any music present because the music helped shape the audience’s emotions making them feel the movie was better, music can also affect one’s performance in tasks as mentioned music is important in society all around the world and in our everyday lives. Music has been around since human existence, early tribes all around the globe before urbanization started to occur used music for different reasons.

Music was known to connect and reach out spiritually or bring together the tribe to celebrate religion in early tribe shave made different sounds for their gods performing rituals and making sacrifices making songs like homes and a single drum while the tribe dances around a circle around a fire show the significance of music in these early tribes.

Music reaches a soul and makes it easier to communicate with their gods when doing rituals, using music since these time periods show how long music has been around and practiced, still today it is being used to feel and connect spiritually. it is still practiced intentions and religious gatherings to this day, music isn’t only for religion but for our personal liking and it’s part of our culture.

Different music with a different meaning

Cultures all over the world have different music in our life with a different meaning, it could be a British band such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or the Beatles, they all have their sound across the globe and relate not only to British culture but other cultures.

Australian bands such as ac/dc or jet also have their sound across the globe, music travels everywhere and becomes part of the culture, music is a big part of the culture, it affects what we say what we choose to listen to what is popular in my area and what people decided to talk about. it might not seem to be every day but music is discussed at some point with peers or across individuals of the same culture that just give their opinions, not everyone listens to the same music. so it creates individuality.

Music that we listen to is our personal taste and what makes us feel connected to the music in our life, this results in how it performs when listening to our music and how we carry out our actions. music could also affect one’s performance either positively or negatively if you want to be focused to listen to classical music would be the best option and if you want to be active and be able to pull through a workout listening to upbeat or pop would be a good idea.

For an example of how performances are affected by music is in a class setting, in a classroom if a teacher plays calm classical music the students are most likely to stay focused and take care of their stuff but if the teacher were to play hip-hop or a beat song the students would focus on the song get distracted start dancing around and they wouldn’t get their work done, it also affects your physical performance, so if I were to go to the gym listening to upbeat music or music that keeps me pumped would be a good idea rather than listening to classical.

Music affected positively or negatively

Not only is music able to affect one’s performance but it’s able to affect one’s emotions, emotion can be affected positively or negatively in our life by the mood of the song, if it was into a sad song then you’re gonna feel sad and it was into a happy song they’re gonna feel happy. movies music is usually played in the backgrounds and without this music, in the background, the movies do not portray the same feeling as it would with music. for example, a sad scene comes on they’re gonna play sad music in the back to make the viewer feel sad, if a happy scene comes on then they’re gonna play some epic music to try and make the viewer feel epic.

Since music is good for impacting emotion, it is also good for healing, there is something called music therapy which a lot of people have not heard of, music therapy is whenever a patient uses music to try and get better with whatever problem or reason they’re having. there are two types of music therapy active which means that the patient is hands-on and uses music to release any emotions that they have and passive when the patient listens to the therapist and listens to music in the background to help create positive environments and feelings.

Sparking, Creativity, and Self-expression

Music is really great for sparking, creativity and self-expression, an example of personal experience I was in art class in high school and I had to paint a picture a self-portrait with the background filled however I wanted to and while I was painting I was into a sad song and that sad song made me feel sad and I painted the picture sad. so the result was the picture had sad emotions and he looked real blue and black.

 There was a lot of emotion in that picture and without that song playing I would have probably painted it with a more positive happy vibe, music is not just a part of culture it has different effects on people and it’s used for many reasons, without music our lives so did not be the same on many levels, our culture would be based on other things, there to be less self-expression, movies would be pretty lame, and the benefits of music would not exist.


So music is something that the whole globe could come together and connect with it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the same language if there’s a song that you think is catchy is something that you could share with your culture.

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