5 Ways To Live a Minimalist Lifestyle in 2020

Today, I am going to talk about a Minimalism/Minimalist lifestyle for the very first time on this blog that I actually have planned for today is five simple ways in which you can actually bring minimalism in your life in 2020. But before I actually get into that I want to take a few seconds and discuss what minimalism as a concept means to me, now minimalism is a global concept, so everybody has different ideas of what minimalism stands for.


In this article I am going to share with you what minimalism/Minimalist as a concept means to me, minimalism for me is a global concept, it’s a global lifestyle movement that encourages people to live simply live with less and find happiness in sources that are not material things. I think it’s a beautiful way of living life because it takes so much pressure away from us to constantly look for things that will actually give us happiness. Instead, we actually end up finding happiness in things that truly mean more to us and truly add value to our lives, this is what minimalism as a concept means to me.

I want to move on to the topic of the article which is 5 things you can do to make your life a little bit more minimal in 2020, imbibing minimalism/Minimalist in your lifestyle is not a very difficult thing and all you have to do is follow these five steps and I’m sure it’ll really help you in going further along in the journey of accepting minimalism.

#1. Ask Yourself

The first thing you can do is ask yourself two questions before buying any new item for your house, now every time they go out to a shop or a market, we stumble upon so many different things, there are so many things that catch our attention and we feel like we need to buy a lot of these things to make ourselves happy.

A lot of times these things are actually genuinely needed in our lives but more often than not these things are actually not needed and our mind is tricking us into doing impulse purchases, to stop this habit of impulse purchasing there are two important questions that you can ask yourself before buying anything.

Do I have a Place for this at my house?

Question#1 is do I have a place for this in my house? A very simple rule of minimalism is that every single thing that you own should have some kind of space in your house, it should have a particular home that’s dedicated just to that particular item. So every time you buy or think of buying the new item think if you have particular space to keep that item in your house if the answer to that question is “Yes” then you can move on to the next question, but if the answer is “No” I think you know that this particular item is probably not needed, or you can always go back make space for it and come back to buy this item again. If the answer is ‘’Yes’’ you can move on to the second question.

Do I have something like this?

And the next question is do I have something like this? or something that will do the job that this particular item is supposed to do, a lot of times we end up buying things that are duplicate, maybe you already have a couple of perfume bottles with you, do you really need to buy that fifth bottle of perfume? do you really need to invest in five more spices when you have a bunch of them lying around in your drawer?

These are important questions that you need to ask yourself before you end up making an impulse purchase, it will help you in saving a lot of money in one place but it will also help you go a long way in living the life that is flutter free. your home will feel emptier and your mind will be refreshed.

#2. Massive Declutter

The next thing you can do to live a more Minimalist/minimal life in 2020 is to clean out one particular space in your house every single month, and by cleaning out your I don’t mean that just do a basic cleaning routine, I expect you to also do a massive declutter. so open all the drawers at that particular space has, let’s say we’re talking about your workspace area or we’re talking about your bedside table or your cupboard for that matter, just have a look at every single item that is in it and see if every single item that you have there is really needed.

before deciding whether or not to keep any particular item ask yourself especially does this item really make me happy? do I really need this to make my life a little bit more meaningful? and if the answer to that is “Yes” by all means go ahead and have it, but if the answer to that is “No” just make sure that you discard that item and give it away to somebody who would actually find more use out of this item than you would. Every month when you clean out one particular space in your house, by the end of the year I am sure you will have a massively decluttered house that is free of all the items that do not bring joy in your life.

#3. Digital Declutter

The third thing that you can do to live a more Minimalist/minimal life in 2020 is to do a digital declutter once every week. now digitally we are surrounded with so much clutter and our mind doesn’t even recognize that a splatter because it’s not physical things, for example just have a look at your Instagram account or your Facebook page, look at the kind of people or kind of accounts that you’ve already followed, are these really the kind of people or kind of accounts that you want to follow? are these accounts adding value to your life? if the answer is “Yes” by all means make sure that you follow them, but again if the answer is “No” I think you’ll be better off unfollowing them at the moment. because a lot of times there is so much information overload that happens in our social media feeds that we constantly feel overburdened and we feel very pressurized by the need to live in a different way, only follow accounts that actually bring joy in your life.

Similarly, on your computer itself, on your desktop do you have too many icons? does your inbox have too many unread emails? having this kind of clutter also significantly impacts a Productivity and actually makes us feel a lot more pressurized when we actually have to sit down and work, so take some time every week and get rid of all this clutter, clear out your desktop icons clear out your mailboxes and actually unsubscribe to every single email service that sends you unnecessary emails that you actually never end up reading. Digital decluttering is just as important as doing any kind of physical declutter in your house because it actually significantly impacts your creativity and productivity.

#4. Find inspiration

Now the next tips I have for you to live minimally in 2020 are to find inspiration. all of us need the inspiration to let’s face it, inspiration is one of those things that actually keeps us going and it’s important that you find inspiration forces that teach you about the idea of minimalism. Today minimalism has become a global movement, there are so many people around the world who talk about their minimal lifestyle. There are a lot of bloggers, there are a lot of Instagram accounts, and there are a lot of YouTube channels that constantly talk about living a minimal lifestyle and the benefits they get out of it at the same time.

There are a lot of books as well that talk about the idea of minimalism/Minimalist. I hope this topic will inspire you to live with a minimal lifestyle, I’m sure you will get a lot of ideas on how you can implement the idea of minimalism in your life as well, maybe over time you will be able to understand the benefits of it and you will actually want to imbibe this lifestyle completely. But no pressure take it at your own pace understand. How people around the world are living and see what are the things that you can implement in your life? and take it slow.

#5. Forgive and move on and keep learning

The last tip I have for you is very very important and it is to forgive and move on and keep learning if you just started imbibing the principles of minimalism in your life? There are going to be times when you find it a little difficult to implement everything? there are going to be weak moments where you would probably not want to get rid of something that is probably not of use to you, or maybe you end up buying something that probably not needs your life at the moment, it’s completely normal, all of us go through this phase.

It is important that you forgive yourself of these smaller mistakes, otherwise, you will pressurize yourself too much and you will want to give upright in the middle of the journey, so keep forgiving yourself for smaller mistakes that you make early on in the journey and tell yourself that it’s fine that you made this mistake, maybe moving on till the next time you will not want to make these mistakes again, that’s why I started off this article by saying that you don’t necessarily have to call yourself a minimalist from day one, we just have to be a believer of minimalism and overtime when you become accustomed to the idea you can move on to call yourself a minimalist or maybe you never want to call yourself a minimalist.


 It is completely fine, it’s not a guideline, there are no rules, it’s not somebody imposing something on you, it’s just something that you want to do with your life to make yourself a little bit more happy and live a little bit more simple, so that’s it for today guys these are five of my very simple tips that will actually help you live a much more minimal lifestyle in 2020, let me know if you’d like me to write more article on minimalism and I’ll be happy to make them in the future.

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